Breckenridge Wedding Photographer | Winter Sapphire Point Wedding | Lori + Nick

Angela Janz

lol! Thanks for the floral credits! Jada and I are going through your work because it so amazing!

It’s almost Brie + Tyler’s anniversary!! So so crazy how time is flying! I think you’re all due for another CO trip, every 6 months sounds great to me 😉 love ya’ll! Hi Jada!

Angela Janz

Lol! It has been a crazy year. We make our Colorado runs pretty regular. All of us went skiing in March, Brielle and Tyler will be in the Ouray area this week for some hiking and Rachel, Gage and Jada just picked up their Bernese Mountain dog North of Denver.he is a cutey and BIG! Oh, Dale and I will be in the Ouray area in August. Jada says hi! She is busy with horse camp. Love, love seeing your work!

Our whole family, all my kids together, will be skiing in Breckenridge February 23-26, 2018. We have not had a ski trip with all of us for ten years. Rachel, Gage, Jada, Brielle, Tyler, Lori, Nick, my two boys a daughter in law and of course Dale and I. We feel you are a part of us. If you are in the area, stop and say hi and have a meal. Love, the Janz family

Hey Angela!!! So great hearing you’ll be back in CO! I’m gonna try my best to make it up there to see you guys atleast for a little bit! If I don’t end up working that weekend, you’ll be the first to know about it!
Love you guys!!